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Work Programme 4

 Gender aspects of the OAF

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Lynette Clennell


WP4 focuses on the gender aspects of the OAF by assessing inclusivity and social equity of gender demographics in ocean-economy benefits through novel social accounts.


Work Programme Lead: Professor Joleen Steyn Kotze

WP Lead Secundus: Narnia Bohler-Muller

Project 4.1 entails a gender-mainstreaming policy analysis of ocean governance and account systems.

Specifically, this project focusses on a gender-mainstream approach to the current status of the ocean governance and account framework to flag potential policy weaknesses that may undermine gender inclusivity and equity within ocean governance.

Project 4.2 explores the extent to which the OAF can reflect women’s reality in ocean governance and the blue economy with a focus on women’s lived experiences.

This exploration will focus on women’s collective initiatives within fisheries and engage in ethnographic research to flag areas where stronger gender-focused policy interventions may be necessary.

Project 4.3 explores the intersectionality between gender norms and women’s economic empowerment.

Focusses on the blue economy to highlight necessary interventions in the social accounts to achieve gender equity with the ocean governance and account system. 

Project 4.4 explores the extent to which the OAF can contribute to an accurate assessment of women’s contribution to conservation through citizen science.

Specific focus falls on how women contribute to ocean’s conservation through citizen science, a form of science that brings ordinary people into the sphere of conservation. This project will thus engage the conservation role of women in the oceans as a form of empowerment.


Joleen Steyn Kotze

Narnia Bohler-Muller

Thuli Nolaranjo

Rose Boswell

Janine Adams


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Joleen Steyn Kotze

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