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Cities & Climate Change in Coastal Western Indian Ocean 

Project time period : 2020-2023


Co-creating climate services as city planning tools for better adaptation to climate change in  Algoa Bay

CICLICO aims to work with stakeholders working with area-based management tools (ABMs) such as Integrated Coastal Management, Marine Protected Areas and Marine Spatial Planning on a daily basis. We want to investigate how these different instruments work together in order to identify gaps and barriers that can be addressed by climate services.


Mapping the coastal and marine planning systems with governance/ management stakeholders in Algoa Bay.

Participatory group modelling of the coastal and marine governance and planning systems.

Co-creating  climate services to mainstream climate change information into coastal and marine area-based management.

What are Climate Services?

A climate service is the provision of climate information that supports societal responses to climate variability and change. The climate service must respond to user needs, be scientifically credible and be co-designed by users and providers. These responses may range from policy development through to planning, engineering design and adaptation.

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Heather Nel


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Tara Naeser

Nelson Mandela University
Dr Bernadette Snow (University of Strathclyde)
Prof Amanda Lombard
Dr Nina Rivers
Ms Meredith Fernandes

Dr Sergio Rossendo

Dr Louis Cilliers
Dr María Máñez
Ms Lena Rölfer

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Meredith Fernandes

CICLICO Interim Report Oct 2021

WIOGEN Presentation

CICLICO Desktop report

Review of environmental and  climate hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks related to the city of Port Elizabeth and its location in Algoa Bay, South Africa 

CICLICO Desktop report

Review of the legal and policy frameworks impacting on the management of coastal and marine resources in Algoa Bay

CICLICO Pavilion Presentation

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