Work Programme 3

Structure of the whole OAF and streamlining of data input in the six OAF components



WP3 focuses on the structure of the whole OAF and on streamlining data input in the six OAF components.


Work Programme Lead: Professor Kenneth Findlay

Project 3.1 entails a review of the OAF as used internationally and assesses the applicability of its different components in the South African context.


Project 3.2 entails a review and assessment of data availability and veracity in the selected case study site to determine which are the optimal aspects of the OAF that need to be prioritised in both the established accounts and the novel accounts.


Project 3.3 aims at developing a consistent spatial framework within a GIS environment for incorporation of quantitative or qualitative physical and monetarised metrics from environmental, social and economic domains as identified in the other WPs.


Project 3.4 aims at determining how results from individual accounting components are compiled and summarised in consistent and standardised manners for the purpose of undertaking and aligning the projects within WP8.


Project 3.5 aims at establishing an ocean satellite account framework for input – output tables and gross value-add estimation in select production activities within the case study area (e.g. fisheries or tourism) and associate environmental economic accounts.

Liza Rishworth


Johan Spamer

Riaan Grobler

Prideel Madjiet

Mandy Driver

Amee Ginsburg

Pierre de Villiers


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